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Specialists in Modern Healthcare Communications & Engineering

Ayari Persada is one-stop specialized healthcare communications and engineering company for IP Nurse Call,
Medical Gas Engineering, Emergency Alert Systems, Pneumatic Tube Systems and AI Product  Solutions
from a small medical clinic, long-term care facility, or an enterprise health system.

IP Nurse Call

IP Nurse Call System

  • IP Digital Monitor Display
  • IP Overdoor Light
  • IP Staff Presence
  • IP Toilet Pull Cord
  • IP Bed Call Patient
  • IP Code Blue System
  • IP Emergency Button
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Pneumatic Tube

Pneumatic Tube System

  • PC Control Systems
  • Point To Point System
  • Single/Multizones Systems
  • IP Compact Station (Touch Screen)
  • IP Thru Station (Touch Screen)
  • IP Labs Station (Touch Screen)
  • Tube Short/Long Carriers
  • Ring Blower Set
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Medical Gas

Medical Gas Engineering

  • Medical Gas Outlets
  • Ohmeda/Germany/DISS Types
  • O2, N2O, AIR, Vacuum, WAGD
  • Zone Valves 2G/3G/4G/5G
  • Master Alarm & Area Alarms
  • Compress Air & Vacuum Pumps
  • Automatic Change-over Manifolds
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Emergency Code
Blue Alert

Emergency Code Blue Alert

  • IP Event Management module
  • IP Cellular Messaging Module
  • IP Alarm Dispatch Module
  • IP Telephone Interface Module
  • IP Intelpage
  • Mobile Paging System
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Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging System

  • Speed Lane Face Recognition
  • Smart Face Recognition IR Thermo
  • Human Body Thermal Camera
  • Selft Order Kiosks
  • Digital White Board
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Ceiling Pendant &

Ceiling Pendant &BedHead

  • Singel Arm Ceiling Pendant
  • Double Arm Ceiling Pendant
  • Surgical Ceiling Pendant
  • Brisge Ceiling Pendant
  • Anesthesia Ceiling Pendant
  • Wall To Wall Bedhead
  • Bedhead Service Panel
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Our trusted solutions perform reliably at the most demanding healthcare setting and offer the flexibility and scalability to change within evolving healthcare industry. With the integration to the industry leading mobile communication systems,
Ayari Persada solutions reduce response time which resulting improved caregiver efficiency and patient safety.


Our Core Values

Our customer are empowered through streamline workflows, improved staff-to-staff, and patient-to-staff communication, and
improved efficiencies while complying with standardized healthcare regulations and patient privacy life. Our support
strategy  begin long before system implementation, and continue during and after installation of our products.

Our Client Owners Say

“I’ve had some questionable experiences with other installers in the past, but Ayari Persada has hands down been the best installer Company we’ve worked with, providing us with peace of mind and incredible service.”

dr Maria M Harlim, Sp Pd, MARS, Owner Sidowaras Hospital Mojokerto East Java

“You truly are one of the best vendors and now our partners. We have been worked within the 4 years history of our relationship, and we thoroughly enjoyed working with you.”

dr William Tanoyo, MKes, Director of Dr Oen Hospital Solo, Mid Java

“The Ayari Persada team is absolutely fantastic to work with and I would highly recommend them no matter what type of project you have.”

dr. Daniel Novian Dharma Setia Budi, Director Imanuel Hospital Lampung, Sumatera

“You delivered on time and on budget and did so with grace and flexibility. You shined when it came to ease of the process and how you adapted when things don’t go as planned. Your communication, understanding, and excitement make us Proud to be a partner of you.”

dr. H. Achmad Shochibul Birri, MSI, Director PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital Singkil Tegal, Mid Java

“You are not a typical installation company! You are UNBELIEVABLY creative and straightforward, organized, and respond immediately to questions and communications.”

dr. Widodo Yulianto, MKes, Director Santa Maria Pemalang, Mid Java

“Over the years we’ve come to greatly appreciate Ayari Persada’s keen insights on strategy and advice on business in general. Not only are they smart and intuitive, but they care about the health of your business AND you as a person.”

dr. Wahyu Heru Triyono, M.Kes, Director Mitra Siaga Hospital Tegal, Mid Java

“We wish to work with all vendors and consultants was as efficient and as enjoyable as working with Ayari Persada In fact, we’re brainstorming how we can work together with you from now on all the time.”

Mr. Bimo Wicaksono, Operational Director UII Bantul Hospital, Mid java

As always, I appreciate the thoroughness and timeliness of your communications. Your attention to detail as well as your attention to my concerns and questions is great and your replies are always so clear and helpful.”

Mr. Imam Hartoyo, Operatioanl Director Aisyiyah Hospital Muntilan, Mid Java

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